Speakers Wanted

Medical Professional & PCOS ADVOCATE Speaker Application

Our theme for this conference is “Together We Can…”

If you are a Medical Professional you must be board certified and have research about PCOS

You must be a Medical Professional or PCOS Advocate that has knowledge about topics such as

  • The Cause Of PCOS

  • Holistic Approaches To PCOS

  • Creating A PCOS Treatment Plan

  • Life With PCOS

  • Fertility & PCOS

  • Being A Teen With PCOS

  • Our PCOS Male Supporters

  • LGBTQ Advocacy

  • PCOS Awareness And Advocacy

    Please fill out the form below to be considered as a 2019 PCOS Con Conference speaker. All applicants will be interviewed and chosen by July 20, 2019. Chosen speakers will not be required to purchase a ticket but they must pay for their accommodations.

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If you are a Medical Professional, please tell us what field you are in.
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