Over the past few years, PCOS Awareness Association has hosted an event called Reveal the Teal to kick off September, PCOS Awareness Month. Last year, our founder’s father, Charles Stewart, rode his motorcycle from Seattle, WA to Dallas, TX to attend Reveal the Teal and support his daughter. After the event, Charles felt enlightened, informed and energized to be an Advocate for those suffering from PCOS. Mainly wanting to make sure males (fathers, husbands, boyfriends, brothers, sons, friends…) play an active role in their loved one’s lives and understand what they are going through and how they can help.

Charles is on a mission to support males that are supporting their loved ones by creating a safe space called #ManofTeal. Like the Man of Steel, our Men of Teal don't let anything get in their way of being extraordinary!

Please join Charles and other males during a special session at PCOS CON.