Cyster Celebration Teal Party Kickoff

We celebrate “Cysters” who have overcome the mental, and emotional challenges of a PCOS Diagnosis. Apply today to become one of our selected Cysters who will receive light makeovers and strut the runway sharing their stories of triumph!


This contest is open to anyone who has purchased tickets to PCOS CON Sep 19-21 in McLean, VA

The selected entries must be present at the conference to win and receive their prizes.  Prizes include but are not limited to, professional makeup application, fashion styling, and model coaching to prepare you for your strut down our runway!  

Your story should be between 150 and 200 words and include your struggles when diagnosed with PCOS, how you have overcome the mental and emotional challenges, and how you are encouraging/helping others now.  Contestants’ stories will be judged on the basis of the clarity of the writing, and the extent to which they are empowering, inspirational, or motivational for those currently living with PCOS.

Winning stories (including honorable mentions) will become the property of PLUS Positive and may be published in print or electronically.  Winners will be notified on or before Sept 19, 2019.